Dear members,


Your bargaining committee continues its preparations for the next bargaining! We have recently been meeting with various local committees to learn more about the issues they face, and what we can do at the table to help them better help you!


We also had a training session with a labor lawyer during which we were able to learn more about the legal aspect of a negotiation, including a portion about strikes and lockouts.


The committee continues to meet on a monthly basis in order to perfect our preparation a little more in order to meet your expectations when the time comes!


We will work in the following weeks to prepare a survey that will help us better know what is important to you, a survey that will be distributed before the summer holidays.


In the meantime, please note that we have an email address through which you can contact us if you have an idea to bring to our attention:


We will continue to inform you as much as possible of our preparations until the start of negotiations!


And do not forget! This time, we are MORE UNITED THAN EVER !!!


Your bargaining committee