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This is no time to get Distracted


Brothers and Sisters,



Some individuals have chosen to approach other labor organizations without consulting you. While we are in the midst of negotiating your next contract, they believe that your priority should be to change union families rather than negotiating. Know that the representatives of your executive committee unanimously disapprove of the actions of these people and that we will firmly oppose any form of campaign of this kind. This approach is dangerous for our union solidarity, especially at this time when we have to stand up to the employer.


Solidarity and negotiations


In addition to setting our working conditions for a fixed term, our collective agreement contains elements that will have long-term impacts on our future employment contracts as well as on the development evolution of our next negotiations. That’s why the negotiation is such a defining time.


Our balance of power is largely based on our solidarity and our ability to stay on course towards our common goals. To give our negotiating committee every chance to do its job well, we must show that we are more united than ever. Our team of negotiators need to feel that we are behind them.


Any sign of division, confusion or weakness on the side of the workers can quickly turn into an opportunity for the employer to make gains on our backs. That is why our solidarity must remain unwavering. We must remove anything that might distract you from our negotiations to win this battle.


At this time, the small group of agitators who are trying to convince you to leave our union family risks sowing division and confusion in our ranks and making us doubt our abilities.


Who do you think has the most to gain from seeing us divided in a debate about your union representation? You or the employer?


We believe these people are doing exactly what the employer wants. By mobilizing our time and efforts to debate union representation and to fighting an enemy from within, these people are giving the employer the opportunity to give itself in a position of strength in this negotiation.


This is why we strongly encourage you not to play their game and refuse to sign any documents they pass around the factory.


We hear your frustrations with the structure in place at the IAMAW, and we would like to give you the opportunity to bring your concerns and answer your interrogations. You can send your comments and questions to your Shop Stewards or to the following address:

Rest assured that your identity will be kept a secret.



Now is the time to be unified and to stand together in this negotiation.

Let’s be strong, let’s be united, let’s be Fighting Machinists!


In solidarity,


Your Executive Committee – SL869