Brothers and sisters,


In 2015, the Company approached
the Shop Committee with the intention of transferring an employee between two
departments and subsequently transferring another employee to fill the position
left by the original transfer. This is called a three-way transfer, or reverse
transfer. The committee rejected the Company’s proposal.

During the last negotiations in
2016, this subject was again debated, and again rejected by the Bargaining Committee.
Being an extremely important issue for our members, we were unable to reach an
agreement with the Employer.

In February 2017, we had a CRT
meeting with the Employer to open the collective agreement currently in effect
to incorporate the three-way transfer. For the third time in a row, the
addition of this clause to the agreement was refused.

Last Friday, a supervisor in the
component repair section, with the approval of the human resources manager,
made a three-way transfer even though the Shop Committee warned them that this
was against the collective agreement in effect, as well as against past
practices on the shop floor. We would have liked to have concluded this subject
within the Working Relations Committee (CRT) with a letter of agreement,
unfortunately we could not agree with the Employer.

Please be aware that on the Union
side, measures and actions at our disposal will be taken to protect the
collective agreement and past practices on the shop floor. We expect the Company
to adhere to past practices that have been in place for many years.

We ask for your support and ask
you to inform the Shop Committee or your Shop Steward if similar infractions
are known to you.


In Solidarity,



Shop Committee

LL 869