Join the IAM

The Legal Right to Join a Union

It’s your right to join the union. The law protects you and so will the IAM!

Do you want?

  • Improve your working and living conditions: salary, rest period, holidays, annual vacations
  • To be legally represented and defended against injustices and abuses
  • Be treated with respect and dignity for your hardworking skills
  • Protect your seniority
  • Secure your job
  • Negotiate a retirement fund for your future and that of your family

Can the employer threaten or intimidate employees?

The Labor Code stipulates that an employer is prohibited from intimidating, threatening or retaliating against any employee for union activity. To unionize is a right.


The Labor Code provides for and ensures that the entire process is completely confidential. This means that your employer will never know the names of the workers who got involved in the organizing campaign or who signed a membership card.

Joining the union is not expensive and it pays!


Unionized employees earn on average 30% more than non-union members in Quebec. The union dues are fully tax deductible.

To improve your quality of view or to obtain additional information, contact us with confidence, it’s confidential!


You can directly and confidentially contact Frédéric Labelle, President of our local , 514-249-3124 via telephone and SMS or contact us by email at