Outsourcing is an omnipresent reality that threatens our working conditions in our sector of activity.

Outsourcing is often a temporary and short-term solution for the employer to save on several financial aspects such as benefits and pension plans. But in terms of efficiency and commitment, this often represents a low-paying alternative.



The reality of the contract worker is the non-existent sense of belonging; wage dissatisfaction, frustration due to unequal benefits in comparison with permanent unionized employees, a considerable ratio of salary paid to his agency, a pension plan managed under his responsibility and no stability in his workplace, shift or work environment.


Seniority, work-family balance and health and safety protection are unfortunately not priority items for subcontracting agencies. Employees retained as subcontractors are nicknamed “disposable labor”. It is imperative for the safe keeping of our permanent jobs to fight against outsourcing by directing these workers towards union certification.

Some employers in the federal sector have found a loophole in the legislative system by immorally bypassing the employment contracts of thousands of employees by re-submitting bids for their companies and services. (Contract flipping).



Once the bidding process is over, the winning bidder is not obliged to respect the collective agreements in place, which leads to a drastic reduction in wages and benefits. This practice is inhuman, unacceptable and must be reviewed and corrected at the federal level.