Lachine, October 25th 2019

Brothers, sisters,

Today, the Company has launched what it calls its “2020 Development Program”. This program is not at all the equivalent of the program negotiated in Letter of Agreement # 1 “Apprentices and Instructors” as found in the Collective Agreement.


It is our duty to inform you that neither of your colleagues from the Joint Training Committee, nor your Bargaining Committee or the Shop Committee have been involved in the development of such a program, despite the provisions of article 28.00 of the Collective Agreement in effect.

Despite openness on our side to rework the existing letter of agreement, the Company decided to launch its program unilaterally, disregarding the Collective Agreement.

Your Union supports and encourages the right of its members to progress in their careers, but must ensure that this is done in a fair and equitable manner for all, through the mechanisms in place, mechanisms that have been disregarded in the present case.
Your union informs you that it does not agree with this new program as presented in its current form.


Your Bargaining Committee
Your Joint Training Committee
Your Shop Committee